Play and Children’s Dispositions

The power of play and a child’s dispositions can be so strongly and consistently linked.  As a researcher of spiritual development, I believe that when children are given free time to explore the world through play in their own way then more than learning is occurring. . . The child is actually building the person they will become. Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege to visit a splashing pool in Minneapolis with my three grandchildren and their Nanny, Molly.  Ilan, at age 6 and a lover of sports quickly found another boy around his age and they organized races from one side of the pool to another.  Tali, age 4 and a lover of art and make believe instantly began making us “hot soup” and “cold soup”.  Aryey, age 1 was experiencing the splash pool for the first time.  Generally more timid, he welcomed this new experience with delight as he scooted around and pulled himself up and then sitting down again with a splash.  What was so amazing to me is that given space to explore the same space, each child did so in their own way, thus enhancing their experience and relationship with the environments.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall for all of their outings, but at least I am grateful to have shared this one. Happy summer to all. Deb