Nature connects us. To ourselves and to others, and to something beyond.


As educators and parents, we know intellectually that attachment and love is important to healthy development.  And we know intuitively that making deep connections is what drives and motivates us for learning, for growing, for being. But we may not have a concrete vocabulary for expressing that knowing.

Nature is the perfect integrator. The experience of bringing nature into our interactions, particularly with young children, gives us a shared language and an opportunity to nurture this essential foundation which makes us and them feel more connected, to each other, to the world, to our sense of self.

When we provide time and space for children to explore their relationship with nature, we afford them “moments to wonder,” room to explore their questions and nurture their own innate dispositions. This also allows us to observe children’s engagement with their own learning and support them on their journeys.

You are doing important work, nurturing a child! Imagine the joy of helping a child connect to that essential self-knowledge through the splendor and easy language of nature. Imagine how the experience might grow you, as well.

As an early childhood educational consultant, I offer an integrated, wide lens perspective of the child that includes an understanding of how nature experiences can strongly impact children’s essential spiritual development.

I invite you to explore the programs, workshops, experiences and products I have created to nurture the spiritual life of children.