Orchid Blossoms

This morning I was tinkering around the house putting odds and ends into place, when my orchid blossoms that I had stuck into a thick catalogue for pressing fell to the floor.

At the exact time, I was also thinking about the workshop I was planning for the upcoming NAEYC conference.  My workshop is about the relationships between spiritual development, nature, and STEM or STREAMS as I like to call it.  As I saw the blossoms fall, I thought to myself, “You know, it is not about what a child learns, per se, but more about the questions that come to mind, that lead the inquiry and the learning.”

Many questions popped into my head as I saw those beautiful blossoms:

What made them fall off the plant?

How were they attached?

How did they grow?

Will the plant grow new flowers?

I also found myself wanting to examine the color and texture of the blossoms.  They have changed from velvety soft to delicate and fragile.  This is but one small reflection in a day, in a life, a life we all lead.  I am wondering what questions pop into your minds!  Do they touch you in a spiritual way?  Let me know.