I’ve been writing (and teaching) up a storm!

Since I last wrote, I have had two articles and one book published, and another book will be out in September. I encourage those of you who are interested in reading more about spiritual development and its integration with other domains of learning to take a look at these works.

Nurturing Spiritual Development in Children by Understanding Our Own Spirituality, written in collaboration with my dear friend, author and mental health advocate Ester Leutenberg, was released in January. I look forward to attending the upcoming Wellness Conference where the book will be on sale!

The upcoming second book is titled Inspiring Wonder, Awe, and Empathy – Spiritual Development for Young Children.

The first article emerged from the joint work of three National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) forums:

Science, Play, and Spirituality: Three Interest Forums Explore Connectivity and Deep Engagement, Nell, M. L., Drew, W. F., Hoisington, C. Ashbrook, P. and Schein, D. You can read it here.

The second short piece is a story I wrote about my grandchildren as they played one rainy afternoon, published by Play, Policy, and Practice. Link coming soon!

Finally I am thrilled to be delivering the keynote lecture and leading a workshop at the upcoming University of Maine-Farmington Nature Based Education Summer Institute.  More info on this exciting educational opportunity here.