Ohio Voices for Learning (OVL) Inspired Teachers Institute


09/27/2013 - 09/28/2013    
All Day

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My husband, Jeffrey and I attended an Ohio Voices for Learning (OVL) Inspired Teachers Institute that took place at the Columbus School for Girls. This was the first time Jeff every shared an early childhood workshop with me. Usually, I go with him to Jewish conferences. Sonya  Shoptaugh was the speaker and the theme was “Creatively Engaging Parents and Teachers Together in Young Children’s Learning.”

It was great being with some old Reggio friends – the two Salleys from Orange, Carol Bersani from Kent, and Sandy Miller from Columbus.  All were my mentors. For Jeff and me, one of the best yields from the conference was a focal point for beginning a dialogue about writing a book about the Hundred Languages of Children and the 70 Faces of Torah.  Stay tuned.